It is the City council’s competence, in Culture’s area. The City council issues an invoice for the payment of taxes for the shootings or photography established in the local regulations.

Contact for shootings:
Magdalena Rosselló
Director of activities of the Castell de Bellver
Tel. 971 735 065

It is the City council’s competence. The application of permissions has to transact in accordance with the specific form or presenting a writing by register.
You can download the application in the following link:

It is the City council’s competence. To need to be authorised by the Authorities through the PalmaFilmOffice form that will be sent to you. Ask for it to

If you need parking reservations, traffic control and other police services you need to ask for it in San Ferran Police office in Palma. But, prev ( National Heritage )iously you need to inform to the PFO through the form that should be sent to

The reservation and payment of taxes should be done at his office:
Local police office
Avinguda de Sant Ferran, 42
07013 Palma (Illes Balears)
From 8.30 to 14h, from Monday to Friday

If you want to take film o do a photo shooting in the Cathedral, you need to ask for permission to this office.

Cabildo de Mallorca
971 71 31 33 Ext. 441

It is the competence of Patrimonio Nacional (National Heritage). Solicitations of permits should be address to:

Oficina de Prensa
Tel. 91 45487 00 (ext. 58824 y 58864)
Fax. 91 454 88 32

Palacio Real de l’Almudaina
Patrimonio Nacional
C/ Palau Reial, s/n
07001 Palma

The building of La Llotja depends from the Presidence Office of the Community of the Balearic Island. The solicitations of permits should be address to:

Joaquín Torres
Antonia Florit
Tel. 971 17 71 51

Access to ACIRE (areas of restricted access for cars ) in the historical centre de Palma needs a special permit. You need to inform the office responsible, and be authorised thought the PalmaFilmOffice´s form.

You need to send the form to our email

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