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  • Animation
  • Documentaries

Article 36.1 of Spanish Corporation Tax Act. Deductions for investments in film productions.

  1. Investments in Spanish feature films, fiction series, animated cartoons or documentaries that allow for the production of physical copies prior to the industrial mass production entitle the producer to:

a) 20% off the first €1 million of the deduction base.

b) 18% off anything above that amount.

The tax deduction base includes the production cost, expenses incurred to obtain copies as well as advertising and promotion expenditure incurred by the producer, up to 40% of the production cost.

The deductible amount may not be higher than 3 million Euros. In the case of co-productions, the amounts will be calculated for each co-producer based on their share of the co-production.

Productions must meet following requirements in order to qualify for the tax rebate described herein:

a) To have been granted the status of producer by the Spanish Film and Visual Arts Institute.

b) The production must obtain the corresponding certificate proving the cultural nature of its content according to Order CUL/2834/2009 of October 19, which sets out the provisions of Royal Decree 2062/2008 of December 12 enacting Cinema Act 55/2007 of December 28 with regard to the recognition of film-related costs and the investment made by the producer, to the establishment of the legal basis for State aid and to the structure of the Administrative Register of Film and Audiovisual Companies.

c) To deposit a new perfectly preserved copy of the production at the Spanish Film Archive or at the film library officially recognised by the corresponding Autonomous Region pursuant to Order CUL/2834/2009.

The tax rebate can only be claimed in the fiscal year when a production finishes. Subventions received to finance investments entitling to tax relief shall be deducted from the tax deduction base.

The deduction amount and the subventions received by the taxpayer shall not exceed 50% of the production cost.

  • Feature films
  • Audiovisual projects

Article 36.2 of Spanish Corporation Tax Act. Deductions for investments in film productions.

2. Producers registered at the Registry of Film Companies of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport who are producing a foreign feature film or audiovisual project that allow for the production of physical copies prior to the industrial mass production will qualify for a 15% tax credit on expenditure incurred in Spain provided that following requirements are met:

a) The content of the production must be certified as of a cultural nature according to the terms stated in the preceding section.

b) The expenses incurred within Spanish territory must amount to at least 1 million Euros. The tax deduction base shall include the following production-related expenses incurred in Spain:

  1. 1.º Creative staff expenses as long as they are of Spanish nationality or from a Member State of the European Economic Area.
    2.º Cost of travel, board and lodging.
    3.º Expenses resulting from the use of technical industries and other suppliers.

    El importe de esta deducción no podrá ser superior a 2,5 millones de euros, por cada producción realizada.

    The deduction amount shall not be higher than 2.5 million Euros per production. The rebate provided for in this section is excluded from the limit referred to in the last paragraph of Section 1 of Article 39 of the Spanish Corporation Tax Act. The rebate will not be taken into account when calculating the before mentioned limit.

Palma Film Office holds an annual short film festival in which a prize of €10,000 is shared by three different categories:

  • Best promo Palma film
  • Best digital animation film
  • Best short film

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